The Tools of the Transition

The shift in collective consciousness in relating to the landscape we live in as a web of life rather than lines on a map or scenery behind our routes from home to work is our goal. And beyond that, re-thinking and re-designing the way we, humans, interact with the intertwining magnificent chaos that is the natural world and humanity in it in a way that allows throngs of life systems and cultures to persist and thrive long into the future.

For inspiration, empowerment, and guidance we look to Permaculture Design, Earth Democracy, and Participatory Democracy in our quest towards re-Bioregionalisation, re-Localization, and the establishment of ethical or integrous humane and ecological community.

We hope that the links to the right serve as a portal for the dissemination of critical knowledge and awareness of action in the above mentioned areas, aiding June Sucker Nation to shift from a path of degeneration towards one of regeneration.

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